Bringing Real Estate To The Blockchain

Invest in tokenized real estate assets directly on the Binance Smart Chain for as little as $50.


Real Estate Meets DeFi

Own real world properties directly on the blockchain through asset tokenization. Each Asset Token represents an ownership stake in a real estate asset.

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Browse Properties


Browse Properties

Browse available properties, view financial information, property details, and descriptions of property.


Make Your Investment


Make Your Investment

Make your investment with BUSD and LAND. Real estate-backed Asset Tokens are sent directly to your wallet.


Relax & Earn Rental Income


Relax & Earn Rental Income

Relax as Landshare handles the rest. Earn passive rental income sent directly to you each month. Invest without the stress of maintenance, tenants, or insurance.

Landshare Token


Circulating supply


Supply cap


Market cap


Token Price

Disclaimer: The Landshare Token is the utility token of the platform and does not represent the value of real estate assets. Learn more


Automatically reinvest your rental payouts into more Asset Tokens, allowing you to grow your portfolio exponentially without ever lifting a finger.

NFT Ecosystem​

Each property gets a unique NFT model created that can be used in our play-to-earn NFT feature. Take care of your real estate NFT, upgrade your house, and earn additional yields for your Asset tokens.

Assest Loans

Borrow BUSD against the value of your Asset Tokens, granting access to trading capital without the need to liquidate your investment.

Elevate Your Real Estate Investment with Landshare


A real estate investment of $ in 1990 would be worth over today. By utilizing Landshare's auto-compounding technology, that same investment would be worth over today.


Real Estate NFTs

Asset Loans

Current Properties


St Louis, MO

7751 Mallard Drive

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Ann. Return:


Now Available


Fargo, ND

817 12th Ave N

Offering Type

Cap Rate:


Ann. Return:



How It Works

The Landshare team hand-selects investment properties based on our 3-point selection criteria. Ownership interests of the property are converted to Asset Tokens through tokenization.

Register your account on our Tokenized Asset dashboard and complete the KYC process to unlock investment opportunities in all our available properties.

Review the financial information sheets for your desired property. Find detailed information on cash flow, expected appreciation, cash on cash returns, and more.

Find a property that works for you and your investment goals. Review and sign the token purchase agreement, legally guaranteeing your ownership stake.

Fund your desired property for as little as $50 directly on our dashboard and become a legal shareholder of the property.

Relax and watch your investment grow with monthly rental income, property appreciation, and other income streams. Never worry about maintenance requests, tenant issues, or other headaches - we'll handle the rest for you.
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Why Real Estate?

 With real estate, investors can enjoy predictable cash flow, excellent returns, year-on-year growth, and diversification.


*Data from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, Investopedia, REIT, Vanguard, Statista, Bankrate, and Landshare calculations.

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