Bringing Real Estate to the Blockchain.

Landshare offers hassle-free alternatives to traditional real estate investments.


Real Estate

Our upcoming real estate features are designed to offer on-chain exposure to real world assets.


Landshare's fully audited smart contracts ensure your funds are secure on the platform.

Earn Yields

Stake BUSD or LAND Tokens in our yield farming vaults to earn rewards.

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Build a real estate portfolio on the blockchain

Our upcoming Tokeninzed Asset feature is designed to provide on-chain ownership and rental income through tokenized LLCs.

Fully Tokenized

Each real estate asset is held by a tokenized LLC, meaning your ownership is represented by a unique security token in your BSC wallet.

Hassle Free

Properties are managed for you, so you never have to worry about maintenance, rent collection, or finding tenants.

Collect Rent

Net rental profits are split among token holders and sent to your wallet each month in the form of BUSD.

Grow Your Investment

Each token’s value is derived from the asset itself, allowing for direct real estate exposure on chain.

What is Landshare?

Landshare is designed to combine the power of DeFi and real estate investment into one platform. Earn DeFi yield farming rewards with the BUSD Property Vault and Landshare Token staking, or use our upcoming real estate investment features to gain direct exposure to assets on chain.

A New Kind of Real Estate Platform

Fully integrated into the Binance Smart Chain, all of Landshare's features work seamlessly with the ecosystem at large. Invest in real estate directly from your BSC Wallet and gain passive yields by holding Asset Tokens.

How Does Landshare Work?


Use the upcoming Tokenized Asset feature in the Landshare App to purchase Asset Tokens, which represent an ownership stake in a real estate asset. Real estate investments require KYC and certain countries are restricted.


Tokenized properties are managed and rented out to tenants. Rental yields are airdropped to Asset Token holders' wallets each month in the form of BUSD.


Tokenized Asset investments are fully secure and guaranteed - even if you lose your wallet, your tokens will be reissued and you'll never miss a payment.

Landshare Token

Stablecoin Vault

Stake stablecoins in our Property Vault to earn both LAND token and stablecoin payouts.


Landshare Tokens can be staked to earn rewards from our Landshare Token staking feature.

Token Burns

Landshare Tokens are removed from circulation through token burns and platform fees.


All platform features require holding, staking, or paying fees in Landshare Tokens to use.

Token Information

Landshare Token Details

Circulating Supply

Token Price

Market Cap

Supply Cap


  • Reward Pool

  • Seed Round

  • Launchpad/Presale

  • Team

  • Advisors and Marketing

  • Locked Liquidity

Presale tokens will be released on a schedule. Please see the chart below for more information

  Tokens Percentage Token Price Release Upfront Release Starts After Release Amount
Seed Round (SOLD OUT) 1,000,000 10% $0.3 5% 1 month 10% monthly
Seedify Presale (SOLD OUT) 187,500 1.875% $0.8 33% 1 month 33% monthly
Superlauncher IDO (SOLD OUT) 150,000 1.5% $1.0 33% 1 month 33% monthly
Team 1,500,000 15% N/A 0% 3 months 10% monthly
Advisors and Marketing 500,000 5% N/A 2% 1 month N/A (Reserve)
Liquidity 75,000 0.75% $2.0 0% 5 months 100%

meet our Team members

Jordan Friske

CEO and Lead Blockchain Developer

Travis Martin

COO and Director of Marketing

Cassandra L.

Social Media and Marketing

Sumit Sharma

Lead Web Developer


Community Manager

Chukwuemeka Johntomark

Community Ambassador

Q3 2021

Platform Launch
  • Property Vault
  • LAND Token
  • LAND Token Staking
Governance protocol
  • Allow LAND token holders to vote on fund distribution and have greater influence on the platform.

Q3 2021

Q4 2021

Tokenized Assets
  • Allows users to purchase tokenized assets from the Landshare Team or third party real estate investors.
Crowdfunded House Flipping
  • Invest in a houseflipping project to earn a lump sum return on a BUSD investment.

Q1-Q2 2022

Token Links

Token Trackers
Contract Info

Residents of the following countries may not be permitted to use certain features of Landshare:

  • United States
  • Afghanistan
  • Belarus
  • Burundi
  • Serbia
  • Somalia
  • Congo
  • Guinea
  • Guinea-Bissau
  • China
  • Iran
  • Zimbabwe
  • Yemen
  • Venezuela
  • Iraq
  • Libya
  • Lebanon
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • British Virgin Islands
  • Central African Republic

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